Off the shelf Apps

If you have a smaller budget, or just need something simple, we offer an off-the shelf app option.

You won’t own the copyright to the app, but you’ll get a perpetual license to distribute the app.

The app will have a standard (but nice) theme, which highlights your content and enables your users to find their way around the app easily. We offer limited customisation of colours, and the ability to add your own logo.

Connect to web service(s)

Need to access data from the web? As long as the data you wish to access has some kind of API, this can be included. (If you’re not sure, discuss it with us and we’ll be able to confirm this!)

Push Notifications

If you need to send remote push notifications, we can add this but it will require an ongoing fee as push notifications require a server to send them.

App Updates

When we’re agreeing the specification we’ll also agree the price for a number of app updates, should you need to make any changes to the app.

Operating System updates

Apple usually release a new version of their operating system once a year. Included in the price of an off-the-shelf app is 12 months of compatibility updates. That means, when Apple do release a new OS, we’ll check that your app will continue to work with existing devices which are updated.