Apple Event

My quick thoughts on the Apple Event from yesterday: 1) HealthKit / ResearchKit: I would *love* to make some apps using this. This is truly Apple making a difference. But it felt squashed in in the keynote. They spent a long time on it, but everyone was waiting for the Watch “main event”. I don’t know […]

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Announcing The Photo Toolkit

*Update – the app is now available in the App Store here and version 1.1 is almost ready for submission. If you’d like to be a beta tester, please contact us. I’m pleased to announce that tanctop’s first app is currently awaiting review for admission into the App Store. The Photo Toolkit is an app […]

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AutoLayout Woohoo!

As you may know, Nearly a year ago, I released an AutoLayout course with (The course and iDTV’s course creating days are sadly defunct). I also wrote a blog article on trying to fix some of the common problems people were encountering with it. The course sold well – AutoLayout was one of flagship developer […]

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