Bespoke Apps

Amazing app idea? The next big thing? Don’t know where to start?
Get in touch. We have experience of taking an app from an idea through to completion.

Already have a specification written? We can help with that too!


tanctop doesn’t have a designer on staff so we’re happy to work with your designer, or we have a few designers that we’ve worked with regularly that we can put you in contact with.

How much is it going to cost?

app construction

We don’t offer a fixed price service for completely bespoke apps. Lots of people ask us why: We don’t think it will provide you with the best results. It prevents you from being able to adapt to changes as the project progresses, and often requires shortcuts to be taken to ensure the project is completed.

If you have a fixed budget, we will work with you to suggest what is feasible, and allow you full control over any decisions which affect the cost. We’ll also show you what the different sections of the project will cost and allow you to make informed decisions to ensure your app progresses.

If this still doesn’t offer the assurance you need, maybe an off-the-shelf app would be more appropriate?

Who owns the copyright?

If you want to own the copyright to the developed app, bespoke is definitely the way to go.